Wetland Assessments

Wetlands are a vital part of Alberta, providing habitat for thousands of species. Wetland areas cover approximately 20% of the province and include low-level land saturated by water that is crucial to wetlands’ function in our ecosystem. As an environmental planning company, Green Plan has been at the forefront of professional wetland assessments and regulations for decades to help our clients stay compliant with all applicable requirements under Alberta’s Water Act.

Our Wetland Assessments Include:

  • Water Act(Policy)Applications
  • Wetland Mapping Delineation
  • Wetland Classification
  • Permanence Assessments
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Report
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Form
  • Public Land Review Submissions
  •  Wetland Replacement Proposals

Wetland Classification:

With 5 classes of wetland across Alberta, wetlands are identified by the presence of peat, source of water, and types of vegetation supported. Wetlands include swamps, fresh and saltwater marshes, sloughs, and any land area where water is kept long enough to provide a healthy habitat for plants and soils.

In the past, wetlands were not considered to be of value and were filled or drained. In recent years, however, wetlands are now recognized as highly valued, and efforts are made to protect these ecosystems. These landmasses are still being threatened due to climate change,  pollution, and human activity — resulting in wetlands becoming increasingly scarce. 

At Green Plan Ltd., we provide our clients with professional wetland assessments to  comply with all applicable requirements to satisfy Alberta Water Act regulations.

There is a wide variety of wetland types, including saltwater marshes. Wetlands provide healthy habitats for plants due to the collection of water in the soil which provides nutrients that encourage plant growth as well as contributing to increased biodiversity by providing homes for animals such as frogs or birds who don’t have access them elsewhere.

Wetlands also act like sponges during heavy rainstorms because they absorb large amounts of rainfall quickly before releasing it into waterways at a slower rate, preventing flooding from occurring while maintaining natural ground level levels below sea-level so wetlands can continue thriving. At Green Plan Ltd., we specialize in providing environmental consulting services for 5 key industries:

  • Rail
  • Infrastructure
  • Road
  • Land Development
  • Sand & Gravel

Let’s be honest, we’re all in a rush these days. You want your project to start, and you don’t have time for delays or unnecessary approvals. That’s where our Wetland Assessment Services come in; get the industry experience you need, at an affordable price so that there are no surprises when it comes to cost overruns on projects which count on being started as soon as possible.