Wildlife Act

The Wildlife Act provides for the protection and conservation of wild animals in Alberta. It defines controls for hunting and trapping of wildlife and possession of wildlife and wildlife parts

What is the wildlife act?

The Wildlife Act prohibits the disturbance of wildlife habitation. A person must not molest, disturb or destroy a house, nest or den of prescribed wildlife or a beaver dam in prescribed areas and at prescribed times of the year, unless the person is authorized to do so pursuant to the Agricultural Pests Act, the Water Act, a licence authorizing the control or collection of wildlife, or regulations under the Act.

The Wildlife Regulation prescribes the wildlife, areas and times of year to the Act. Included are all endangered wildlife, upland game birds, some migratory birds, snakes, bats and beavers (re: the latter, except on privately owned land). For most wildlife, disturbing the habitat of these animals is prohibited throughout Alberta and throughout the year.

One of the most significant applications of the ACT relative to land development projects are timing restrictions in key wildlife areas and requirements to develop a Caribou Protection Plan in Caribou Ranges.

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