Regulatory Approvals and Permitting

For over 30 years, our Environmental Consultants have helped thousands of clients successfully obtain approval for numerous construction projects. By maintaining relationships with both industry and government, let us make the approval process as efficient as possible for you.


Governments use a wide range of regulatory approvals to help manage and mitigate environmental impacts from new land use activities under their jurisdiction. With regards to new construction, Project Proponents, Owners typically must obtain government approval to commence their civil works. These approvals range from simple licensing and permitting to complex planning processes to support a large-scale industrial regulatory application.

Proper regulatory planning at the onset of a project can shorten the approval process and increase the likelihood of a favourable decision. It can also have significant implications on reducing costs to employ environmental mitigation measures and respond to non-compliance incidents due to poor execution.

Our main Regulatory and Permitting services include:

  • Registration of sand/gravel/clay pits on private land – Code of Practice for Pits
  • Surface Material Leases (SML) for sand/gravel operations on Crown Land – Public Lands Act
  • Department License of Occupation and License of Occupation (DLO, LOC) for new roads, right of ways, etc., on Crown Land – Public Lands Act
  • Temporary Field Authority (TFA) to conduct temporary work on Crown land
  • Water Act Authorizations, Licensing and Permitting for works associated with wetlands, water crossings, water use and surface water management.
  • Notification as per the Code of Practice for Watercourse Crossings, Code of Practice for Outfall Structures on Waterbodies.
  • Fisheries Act Authorizations and fish habitat compensation plans
  • Approvals for large scale industrial projects – Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Licenses to Operate.
  • Approvals for works on First Nations Land and projects under Federal jurisdiction – Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  • Municipal Development Permits and Road Use Agreements – Municipal Land Use Bylaws
  • Historical Resource Clearance for new construction – Historical Resources Act