Alberta Water Act Approvals

The Alberta Water Act manages and protects the province’s water and promotes the conversation and management of Alberta’s water bodies. The Alberta Water Act was established on January 1, 1999, focusing on the planning, use, and enforcement necessary to protect and manage Alberta’s rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Activities Requiring Approvals as defined by Alberta Water Act

The Alberta Water Act regulates any activity conducted in and around surface water and/or groundwater. Any development or project that may affect and/or harm the land and/or the vegetation under or around a body of water or affect the location, flow, or quality of the water or its environment will require prior approval from Alberta environment.

The Alberta Water Act’s Primary Focus:

  • Manage and conserve water resources ensuring environmental sustainability in the present time and the future.
  • Ensure Alberta’s economic growth and well-being.
  • An integrated approach and extensive, adaptable administration and management system — focusing on reasonable eco plans, regulatory requirements, and market forces.
  • Shared responsibility of all Albertans for the conservation and smart use of water and their role in recommending water management methods and decision making.
  • Stressing the importance of working in conjunction with governments of various jurisdictions with regards to trans-border water management.
  • The integral role of clear and responsive measures in delivering the Alberta  Water Act.


There are numerous enforcement measures in place under the Alberta Water Act that include inspections, seizures without warrants or enforcement orders, which may involve terminating any activity that has not complied with the required approvals.


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Alberta Water Act Fact Sheet