Environmental Planning & Consulting in Calgary

Green Plan goes the extra mile to ensure that your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We understand how potential environmental impacts must be considered in each project stage, which is why our experts are among the most experienced in their respective fields. They have been able to mitigate risks by adhering to compliance standards set forth from a variety of levels – federal, provincial, municipal laws – so don’t wait any longer before contacting them!

Providing Cost-Effective and Sustainable Environmental Solutions to Clients in Calgary, Edmonton, and Across Alberta

We understand how potential environmental impacts must be considered in each project stage. Green Plan draws on years of experience and expertise concerning regulatory requirements from federal, provincial, and municipal levels to provide efficient, cost-effective, and precise environmental consulting firm.Our experts are among the most experienced in the industry. Green Plan environmental specialists have the skills to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance to get your project up and running as soon and as smoothly as possible. 

Our team works together with clients towards the same common goal: seeking the required approvals for their plans or ongoing developments and determining a  proposed project’s potential environmental impact. At Green Plan Ltd., you can rely on our experts to guide you through the process – whether it is for a development permit or a Section 11 application for the Water Sustainability Act. Our knowledge and background in provincial, federal, and municipal environmental legislation and our long-standing established professional relationships with the Canadian government’s multiple levels keep project costs down by complying with federal and provincial legislation. Our qualified and experienced team manages this process for you to streamline this procedure and take the burden off of you, so your projects can commence as soon as possible.  

We Ensure Your Projects Meet All Regulatory Requirements

Our dedicated Green Plan team of experts will help streamline the environmental approval process and help clients adhere to compliance measures required to execute their projects as soon as possible. Our professional services include Environmental 

Providing award-winning, innovating environmental consulting services serving Calgary,  Edmonton, and all areas of the province, our goal is to help clients obtain the required provincial and federal approvals and adhere to compliance requirements so projects can begin as soon as possible.