Environmental Assessments

Green Plan Ltd. has helped organizations with everything from environmental assessments to regulatory approvals. We’ve been involved in assessing every level of risk, and have even developed policies for managing them too. With this experience, we’ve uniquely positioned as a go-to resource on all things concerning the environment!


An environmental assessment is typically the first step in the environmental planning process for a new project.  Its main purpose is to help the project planning team understand the ensuing environmental impacts and available mitigation measures for consideration in the project design and operations. It is also an important tool used by regulators to assess whether proper due diligence has been applied with respect to environmental risk management.  Most new construction projects in Alberta require some type of an environmental assessment as a condition of government approval.

Green Plan has considerable experience in conducting assessments ranging from environmental and biophysical overviews to comprehensive investigations to support regulatory approvals. Green Plan has also helped many organizations develop related policies and procedures to manage short-term and long-term environmental risk.

Environmental Impact and Screening Assessments

  • Environmental Assessments required by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)
  • Environmental Assessments required by the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Environmental Assessments for work associated with First Nations Projects.
  • Environmental Assessments required for Municipal Area Structure Plans and Development Permits
  • Environmental Screening and Overview Assessments associated with Preliminary Design and Engineering
  • Wetland Assessments pursuant to provincial and federal wetland policies

Biological Assessments

  • Fish
  • Wetland
  • Wildlife
  • Historical Resource Impact Assessments
  • Biophysical and Natural Site Assessments
  • QAES Recommendations and Mitigation Planning
  • Mitigation Planning (Environmental Protection Plans and EcoPlans)
  • Phase 1 and 2 Ecological network Reports
  • Environmental Overviews

Construction and Compliance Monitoring Assessments

  • Construction Monitoring and Assessments
  • Post Construction Reclamation and Site Restoration Assessments
  • Compliance Monitoring Assessments
  • Land Reclamation Assessments
  • Biophysical Overviews
  • Wildlife Assessments
  • Caribou Protection Planning