Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Former Environmental Protection Officer for CN Rail

Author Of

The Guidelines for Acquiring Surface Material Dispositions on Public Land

The Woodlands Area Aggregate Management Strategy

Environmental Guidelines for Railway Construction and Maintenance


Government of Alberta – Ministers Award of Excellence for Environmental Innovation for the Development of Alberta Transportations Wetland Habitat Compensation Banking Program

Consulting Engineers of Alberta Environmental Achievement Award

Grant Potolicki is the founder and Senior Environmental Planner of Green Plan Ltd. He has an extensive background in business management and communications and is a Certified Competent Toastmaster.

Grant’s introduction to his discipline began in 1980 when he was employed by CN Rail as an Environmental Inspector on the twin track construction program between Edmonton and Vancouver. Subsequently, he served as CN’s Environmental Protection Officer for Western Canada.

Grant’s 35 years of environmental planning acumen has made him a respected leader in the discipline.  He has helped hundreds of organizations ranging from large multi-national companies to rural municipality’s plan and successfully execute their land development projects pursuant to government and industry environmental standards.  Defining projects include Standard General’s 2400 acre Windfall Gravel Pit; the Stoney Valley Contracting’s 640 acre Barrrhead Gravel Pit, the Altex Lynton and Secure Energy Truck/Rail Transloads; the CN Rail Edmonton Intermodal Terminal; and the Northern Sunrise County 90 km water pipeline.

Recently, Grant has been pursuing his passion in conflict resolution and change management by fusing his business acumen with his communication and leadership skills.  He adheres to the adage that Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (Peter Drucker) and operates Green Plan in an open concept workspace with a collective work culture. Grant applies many of his Culture Change beliefs to his Clients – using team and consensus management for project planning and stakeholder consultation.